190 LED Party Light For All Occasions

Bom-D-Bom Lights now located in Salt Lake City, UT AND Las Vegas, NV

A party light you can use year-round, just change the outside decorative design in seconds for your next party, holiday, or event.  With 190 LEDs our party light will bring fun and excitement to any get together with friends and family.  Our decorative party light is battery operated so you can place it anywhere or get our plug-in version that comes with a wall adaptor and cord.  Click on the "Customize Your Bom-D-Bom" button below to build your Bom-D-Bom to fit your needs, add the designs and features you prefer.  4 AA Duracell batteries included, with every battery operated Bom-D-Bom light purchase. (Around 25 hrs of run time on one set of batteries).  Quality product made in the USA! 

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Choose from our Plug In Version or our Battery-Operated Version.  Our Plug In Version comes with a UL Rated wall adaptor and cord, it will not accept batteries.  The Bom-D-Bom has so many decorative design and top light combinations, we can’t possibly list each one. Click on the "Customize Your Bom-D-Bom Features" button, add the designs and features you prefer.  Or, just add one of our featured products below to your cart and checkout.  LED top lights come with an RF remote control; you can choose between 8 different blinking patterns. 4 AA Duracell batteries included with the battery-operated version.  (Around 25 hrs of run time on one set of batteries). Quality product made in the USA.